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05 Feb 2019

RxCelerate acquires cutting-edge molecular modelling company Prosarix [more...]

21 Aug 2018

Prosarix spins out from Evolva SA as a new CRO company [more...]

04 Aug 2014

Evolva strengthens in-silico capabilities with acquisition of Prosarix [more...]


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Welcome to Prosarix UK

Experts in small molecule discovery

Prosarix is a privately-owned contract research company (CRO) based in Cambridge, UK. We develop and apply state of the art computational approaches to assist in many aspects of drug discovery both for small molecules and proteins. We also apply such approaches to the optimization of proteins and enzymes for industrial application including in synthetic biology.

Prosarix is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of RxCelerate Ltd

Technology and capabilities

Prosarix has developed ProtoDiscovery™, a validated, state-of-the-art computational platform with which it is pioneering novel approaches for the identification and optimisation of small molecules and proteins. Our approach is that whilst off-the-shelf computational solutions are sometimes effective our vast experience has helped us identify optimised methods and technology for achieving good results, even in some projects where others have failed. To this end Prosarix have worked with over 40 companies, many with repeat business and success stories. Our technology has been developed to meet complex and varied needs of customers over the years. Our methods are differentiated in that it provides:

  • Highly accurate affinity prediction through proprietary ProScoreRF method
  • Multi-target and 'profiling' capabilities
  • Flexible treatment of proteins and solvent

This translates to a unique abilities compared to our competitors. As well as applying this to more conventional small molecule compounds we also have novel methods in protein engineering and can reliably optimise protein interfaces and sequence space.

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