Management Team

William DO Hamilton PhD - Chief Executive Officer

Bill has >30 years' experience in the commercial biotech sector. He has BSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Molecular Biology from Imperial College, London, over 50 scientific publications and several patent applications. Previous positions include: SVP Technology at Evolva SA and CEO, Evolva Bio UK Ltd (previously Prosarix Ltd); COO at Amura group companies, Proteom Ltd; co-founder and Research Director, Axis Genetics plc; Technical Director, Pestax Ltd.; Senior Manager, Agricultural Genetics Company Ltd. Other positions include consultancies with Evolva AG, AstroMed Ltd./Milligen Ltd., BBSRC, EU, WHO, the Dow Chemical Co and was also a non-executive director of InSecta Ltd.

Jonathan R Heal PhD - Chief Scientific Officer

Jon has a first-class degree and a PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College, London and subsequently gained experience in software development over 15 years as a Microsoft Certified Developer in both the finance services and pharmaceutical industries. Latterly he was Head of Computational Chemistry, Evolva SA and CSO, Evolva Bio UK Ltd (previously Prosarix Ltd) and previously VP Computational Chemistry for the Amura group companies. As co-founder and CSO, Proteom, Ltd, Jon has built up and led the Company's team of computational chemists in developing the ProtoDiscovery™ technology platform. Jon is an author on several software and small molecule patents and a number of scientific papers.

Joe M Sheridan PhD - Director Drug Discovery

Joe has a first-class degree in Chemistry from UMIST, Manchester and a PhD in Drug Design from the University of Manchester. He joined Proteom Ltd in 2000 and has since worked in the development and successful application of the ProtoDiscovery™ technology platform against varied eukaryotic, prokaryotic and viral targets. Latterly he held senoir technical positions at Evolva SA and Prosarix Ltd.


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